Pearl Hearts Shadowlands #2 – Confetti

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Details:┬á Sunglasses – Shadowlands After Hours in Confetti; Necklaces Vivienne Westwood; Make-up Bobbi Brown LongWear foundation, Retouching powder in white; Illamasqua Fundamental eye pallet, Raven Masquara, Kate / Ambition blush duo, Mahogany eyeshadow for brows, Nude pink blush, nail varnish in Pink Valentine┬á

Here is Part 2 of my Pearl hearts Shadowlands posts. We saw the dark and delicious Highway in Cherry Cola in Part 1, today let me introduce the ultra glamorous After House in Confetti. From the 50s vamp triangular frames to the wonderful Tuti-Fruti inclusions, I have to say I am crazy about these sunglasses. I can just see myself pairing them with a flirty vintage frock and heels this summer, all to sip Martinis in of course.

N.B. The first photo is for my mum, talented photographer and mocker of my unsmiling ways!

Pearl Hearts Shadowlands #1 – Cherry Cola

DSC_0824aDSC_0801aDSC_0798 DSC_0804a DSC_0853

The Details: Sunglasses Shadowlands Highway in Cherry Cola*; Vivienne Westwood bone necklace; Make up -Nails: Chanel Malice nail varnish, Lips: Tom Ford Cherry Crush lipstick, Eyes: Illamasqua Fundamental pallette and Chanel Mirifique Illusion d’ombre, Illamasqua Raven masquara mascara; Face: Bobbi Brown Long Wear foundation, Retouching power in White.


In the first of two post I want to introduce my friend Pete Woodwards amazing sunglasses label Shadowlands. The brand ethos is to offer boutique quality without the extravagant price tag. Those who are regular readers will know I am the pickiest person in the world when it comes to sunglasses. Due to my wonky nose I can’t wear any that aren’t correctly balanced, light and well shaped on the bridge or it is very painful for me. None of those issues here, both styles are perfectly comfortable. The other thing which is hard to find with sunnies is crystal clear quality lenses, good lenses should be so clear that you forget you are wearing them yet still offer high protection from the sun’s glare. These have incredible clarity and I got to test them out in the glorious winter sun we had here this week.

download5 download1

What is most exciting about Shadowlands are the innovative designs and ‘colours’ available. Colour is perhaps the wrong word, rather the way the material of the frames is made up, the last photo here shows really well what I am talking about. The Cherry Cola (here), Tuti Fruti (see next post), Graphite and Tortoise shell are made with this remarkable technology. Each style is offered in a variety of colours so you can customise your look. The frame designs too are certainly not something you would find on the High St! The quality surpasses many of my designer pairs with 3x the price tag, even the velvet lined cases are pure luxe. The best part all styles retail at ┬ú90 – no I couldn’t’ believe it either, I wouldn’t have blinked at a ┬ú200 tag. Since Shadowlands is so new and exclusive they are only available in the UK at Kokon to Zai, London. If you aren’t local and NEED a pair you can email me and I will put you in touch for lookbooks / if you are lucky you might talk them into a custom mail order, you can also stalk designer @_stpeter and search
#Shadowlands on Instagram to see more styles / ask questions. We would love to know what you think of the sunglasses and stay tuned for part 2.

download2 download4

*Disclaimer: I’m sure it was obvious in the post that my friend sent me these as a gift, I loved them so naturally wanted to blog it. Due to the ridiculous ASA regulations I now have to point that out. I’ve no idea how complicated blogging Xmas gifts is going to be!

Best Invention Ever, Fold Up Raybans


Best invention ever, honestly even better than sliced bread. What could you need more on those unexpectedly sunny autumn days than to pull a tiny little case from your bag with sunglasses inside! I am so impressed with how small the case is, the size of a pack of cards. The Raybans foldout and just look like regular ones, they are nice and sturdy so only you would know their secret. I think they are really neat to have in your bag for winter as they don’t take up much space like traditional sunglasses cases. I don’t mind having a large case during the summer when I know they will be used everyday, but for the colder months I need that space for gloves, scarf and hat! Rayban Wayfarers have been my go-to staple style for many years, they are such a versatile shape and suit all faces. They are undeniably cool in a Blue Brothers way! It’s hard to believe they have been popular since they were first made in the 1950s, true style never dates. This pair have polaroid lenses too whic protect your eyes. I got these from Vision Direct who have a full range of Raybans in all shapes and sizes. The history of the Wayfarer is rather facinating, they were the first plastic sunglasses moving away from traditional metal frames. They have also been featured in more movies than you could ever imagine from Risky Business starring Tom Cruise to Robert Pattinson in Twilight. I do have a bit of a sunglasses collection but this is a style I always stick with no matter what trends come and go, I was rocking them in 2011 in this post. I really think they are up there with the style classics, are you a fan?






Sunglasses to Suit Your Mood


Clockwise from top left: vintage Wayfarers, All Saints Cat-eyes, Nichole Farhi Clubmasters. 

I am so glad the sun has finally decided to put in an appearance, it means we can get out our sunglasses! As with most things I’ve acquired a little collection of different styles, I really like to match my sunnies to my outfits. I think by far my favourite styles are big, thick, black frames as they are easy wear and they go with everything. Above is my ‘handbag’ collection, as in the ones I keep stashed in my handbag. They were all cheap, ┬ú20 or under so I don’t have to worry about them getting broken at the bottom of my bag. Last summer the All Saints pair were my staple, such a flattering shape, year before were the Wayfarers. This year I wanted something a bit different and was taken by the Clubmaster style. I was lusting after the Rayban Clubmasters when I found these Nicole Farhi ones. I liked that they had a lower nose bridge and of course that they were only ┬ú20 from TK Maxx. I do think my next buy will be Rayban though, as the cheapy ┬ú5 vintage ones above don’t offer much protection in strong sunlight so I would like a classic pair of Rayban Wayfarers. Red Hot Sunglasses have some amazing ones and I think their prices are very reasonable, they also have an extra large lens Wayfarer design available which I haven’t seen anywhere else.


Clockwise from top left: Nicole Farhi, Celine, J MASKREY

Besides from my everyday sunglasses I also have a few pairs of special ones. These were either expensive so I don’t want them clunking around my bag when I’m not wearing them or they go with specific outfits. The ones above are my D-Frames, they kind of have a ‘geek’ glasses feel to them, nice and chunky. The translucent ones are really only for a bit of fancy as they don’t offer any eye protection, whilst the red Celine ones I feel need balancing out with the right outfit. The J MASKREY ones with the crystal kiss are my absolute favourite sunglasses in the world ever, aren’t they amazing!


Clockwise from top: Gianfranco Ferre, Nike, Miu Miu, vintage Dior

If I want a softer look then I reach for my tortoiseshell sunnies, I have them in a variety of frame shapes from nice big cat-eyes, to oversized honeycombs, delicate gilt trimmed and aviator. One for any occasion really! I tend to wear these with a vintage dress and heels, perfect summer look.


Finally I have these big, bright D&G ones. Not sure what category these would go in! They are great just for a bit of fun and would be the pair to take to sit beside a pool with a cocktail. I also have this sunglasses chain holder from GOGO PHILIP, I’ve got a real habit of tucking my sunglasses over the neck of my tops – inevitably I end up dropping them when I lean over so this is really useful and a little bit cool I think. All I could use now is a beach…


Outfit: Wiggle Skirt & a Beehive

DSC_7319 (2)

Wearing: J MASKREY Sunglasses and skin jewellery, Iceberg pencil skirt and Sweetie jumper both TK Maxx, vintage Vivienne Westwood elevated platform shoes, fishnet socks Primark.

The sun, the sun!! I have literally been busting at the seems for a bit of sunshine so I could show off my fabulous new glittering treasures! Why did I need to wait for the sun? Well if you are familiar with the designs of J MASKREY you will understand, if not then scroll down the photos then come back up and read on…

Did you see? Only under the sun, or in fact party disco lights can you full appreciate the sparkling beauty of so many crystals! J loves crystals, in fact J pretty much puts crystals on anything you could ever imagine – no wonder I like her so much right! In fact my first ever J MASKREY┬á piece were a pair of crystal encrusted gloves, which I still get immense pleasure out of every year I pull them out. You can see them here in one of my very early blog posts, how did it get to be 4 years ago! How! Time flies and I actually can’t believe I was thin /brave enough to wear hots pants back then too.


J MASKREY skin jewellery is already really famous with it adorning the bodies of celebs such as Rhianna and co, lucky for us she just set up her incredible online store so we can all have a glitter binge too! As soon as I saw the website I wanted absolutely everything immediately! I just wanted to roll around like a kid in a candy store. SUCH PRETTY THINGS! Also some cheeky things like her C’ word clutch bags as toted by Lady Gaga. Anyway, you know I am a bit of a sunglasses addict so how could I not fall head over heels for a pair of crystal encrusted kiss frames. The ‘Sexy D Frame’ sunglasses are a chunky, black ‘geek’ frame, nice big lenses and a Swarovski pucker! The lips are made up of lots of different sized aurora borealis crystals with tiny specks of glitter in between each stone – hows that for attention to detail. They come in a sleek satin finish hard case to keep them safe too. Everyone I’ve showed these sunglasses too have demanded I hand them over to be tried on straight away.

DSC_7322 (2)DSC_7336

The other twinkling accessory you can see is one of the skin jewellery designs, the ‘Gold Crystal Flower‘. Literally like a sticker for you skin! You just peel off the backing sheet and apply where ever you choose on the body or on your phone, books whatever you like. They have enough adhesive for around three wears on the skin then you will need a dab of eyelash glue to add the stickiness back. I have really sensitive skin and found no irritation at all, win. I have become obsessed with the skin jewellery, I love tattoo’s and I love jewellery. I think these are so pretty and can’t wait for summer so I can show them off a bit more. Now you might have come across other skin jewellery but I think I can safely say you won’t have seen anything even close to J MASKREY designs. There is so much attention to detail I sat looking at this transfer for a full ten minutes with my jaw grazing the carpet. The most precious Swarovski crystals, pearls and beads glittering away. Absolute works of art each and every one. I don’t know if you can see on the photo’s but the centre stone is a large, 3D faceted crystal!

DSC_7332 (2) DSC_7346 DSC_7349 DSC_7352 (2)

What do you think, do you love a bit of sparkle?

Review: Miu Miu at Sunglasses Shop


The sun has been shining this week, even if the wind is icy cold! This has made me very happy as you saw in my Easter Sunday post I was busting out my new shades Sunglasses Shop who invited me to do a product review. I’ve actually shopped with Sunglasses Shop in the past so was more than happy to feature them on the blog. The first thing that strikes you about the website is the huge range of styles and brands, with something for every budget – the cheapest I could find were ┬ú8, the most expensive ┬ú648! They have a tons of designer sunglasses so there was lots to choose from, I could have sat and got lost in that site for hours, dreaming of sitting on a beach! One thing that made the site so easy to navigate were all the different options for refining your search, by designer, colour, shape, lens technology and price. You can even search by your favourite celebrities style or this seasons trends! This aspect really made the site fun and a real pleasure to shop by. Since I spent all of last year in my cat-eye sunglasses I was keen to invest in another pair with that lens shape but with a different twist.

All I had to do was select ‘womens’ and click ‘cat eyes’ to be presented with a wide selection, then I could choose to refine the search by colour, price, lens type and get this, even by face shape and hair style so I could rest assured my choice would suit me! Very sci-fi! I just think this is such a neat feature as the one thing which makes buying sunglasses online tricky is that you can’t try them on. I have a bit of an addiction to sunglasses so I now know on sight which styles suit me (cat eyes, oversize, aviator) and those which don’t (round lens, small, dainty frames). Armed with this knowledge I put their soft wear to the test, but I couldn’t trick it, each time it came up with styles I knew would look good. For example when I insisted on selecting ’round’ frames, the search threw out only oversized round frames rather than little ‘Lennon’ style ones which I know give me a big round face. So I can really recommend you give this a try.

There were many brands to choose from but the range of Miu Miu sunglasses kept cropping up with styles I really liked.This stunning pair of oversized cat eyes in tortoise shell called Miu Miu 04OS Sunglasses won me over! I liked the vintage style to them and the little details such as the curve on the lens and the gold trim on the arm.


They came the next day, after I had a confirmation email complete with tracking details. Safe and secure in a well padded box, I tore it open to find the trademark Miu Miu pale pink box. Inside this was a hard case in pink velvet and also a soft case in the same sumptuous fabric. Now I am a perfectionist when it comes to presentation and I simply cannot fault Sunglasses Shop or Miu Miu. The packaging and glasses cases are just as beautiful as the glasses they contained. You would imaging such a heavy, rich velvet to be reserved only for the finest couture, but it gives a simple, everyday pleasure to carry it around in your handbag. The sunglasses them self were exactly as imagined and they suit me to a T. I couldn’t be happier with them or the service of Sunglasses Shop and am pleased I can recommend them to you.

Have you visited Sunglasses Shop? What do you think of the Miu Miu’s?

LFW AW13: Day 1

Street Style DSC_5236DSC_5239 DSC_5228 DSC_5219 DSC_5216 DSC_5185 DSC_5006 DSC_4988 DSC_4978

Street style trend of the day was snug knitwear and cosy hats – shame the sun came out and everyone was boiling!

Celeb Spotting

DSC_4973 DSC_4980 DSC_5209

The beautiful Kate Nash took her place on the front row at many shows today, she is always ready with a lovely smile. Strutting around the court yard were Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson, Mark-Frances Vandelli Orlov-Romanovsky and Victoria Baker-Harber.

 What Pearl WoreIMG_5950IMG_5975IMG_5966IMG_5964IMG_5957

Due to insane weather confusion – S/S in the shops, snowing in Manchester and sunny in London packing for LFW was a bit of a fail! I ended up leaving behind all the gorgeous light and breezy clothes I originally had marked for LFW and stuffing heavy coats and knits into my cases (yes plural). Then spent the entire day being far to hot and wishing for snow, never can win! Luckily I had packed these amazing sunglasses from TK Maxx, they remind me of beetle wings. The rest of my outfit was Vivienne Westwood and my gorgeous Rianna Phillips clutch.

My make up is all Bobbi Brown, who I had the pleasure of joining back stage too…

The Shows

DSC_4927 DSC_4967 DSC_5015 DSC_5017 DSC_5031 DSC_5050 DSC_5072 DSC_5161

Saving the best for last here are my two personal favourite shows of the day, up first was Bora Aksu (first two images). A Gothic-romance of 1920’s skull cap style head wear and floaty dresses, cinched in with intricate corsets. The chiffon capes were otherworldly, I look forward to writing the full review. Next Jena.Theo, a more personal presentation where I got to go backstage with the Bobbi Brown team. The make up look was fresh and dewy with a pop of reddy-pink lipstick to match the footwear of course! The nails were an amazing contrast of black leather-effect polish and bright orange and pink neon. This all made sense when the collection was revealed, a bright and cheerful array of smiley face emblazoned over-sized jumper dresses and striking broken graphic prints in black, orange, yellow and pink. You can also see Irene’s nails from the Bobbi Brown team, she has a version of the mani I showed on my blog last post but shaped the tips into more of a heart shape for Valentines day, cute right!

More tomorrow and don’t forget to pick up The Sunday Telegraph for the Stella magazine this Sunday 😉


 Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

What to do When Sunglasses Season is Over

Vintage YSL and Mary Quant (below) sunglasses, part of a huge bug-eye phase I went through

If you are anything like me you will have been obsessed with sunglasses for the last few months. You know what I’m like I can’t resist starting a new collection and every year I get to the end of summer with a whole new stash of sunglasses! Besides their obvious use – scowling at people behind them protecting you from the sun – I really like to wear them to add something extra to my look . You can really create a sense of character from movie star to vintage queen, funny to glamorous. But what do you do when winter sets in, with no sun in sight you need to find an alternative accessory. I mean sure with winter comes scarves, gloves, hats even ear-muffs but they don’t really transform your face the way sunglasses do.

So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

Oh look it’s summer, meh with all this rain it doesn’t seem like it but when the sun peeps through the clouds it’s time to reach for the shades! I’ve developed a little addiction to sunglasses of late, I think it is the fact you can scowl on a Monday morning behind the dark lenses which is part of the attraction. The thing is though with so many different styles to experiment with you can’t just have one pair. Here is my current collection and my favourite five styles:

1. Diva – That’s the classic oversized big black┬á frames, you can be Audrey Hepburn timeless and stylish or even Victoria Beckham fending off paparazzi flashbulbs! Mine are Karl Lagerfeld, who better than the diva himself!

2. Geek – For some reason my Celine sunglasses remind me of Clark Kent. Geek chic for sure, they are chunky framed and really solid. I would put my Wayfarers in this category too, they are just so cool.

3. Vintage – I always think of a Studio 54, that laid back disco vibe, when I don these hexagonal frames. In fact all the brown and gold large lens with thin frames really put me in this mood. I would also put Aviators in with this too. I had the best pair, they were ancient and had been my dad, sadly destroyed by my brother when I lent them to him. I am keeping my eye out for a new pair of Aviators, Police sunglasses have some nice ones, hey if they are good enough for David Beckham!

4. Fun – Oh yeah those are some neon sunglasses you see there!! D&G are know for their fun designs and these shades are no different. These make me want to be on holiday, running around having fun on the beach, failing that they cheer up summer in the city. I always think you should have something to make you smile. There are lots of funky designs around, bright colours like this or kooky frame shapes. I really like the Tag Heuer Sunglasses which have the arms in a wrap around style, its a crazy design!

5. Cats – I don’t like to play favourites, but well these are my favourites! I can’t help it there is something so appealing to these cat-eye frames. They are the pair I have been wearing the most. With a slick of red lippie they really are the ultimate statement in glamour. I know a lot of people feel the huge cat flicks are a bit much for them, but you can get a similar look with 50’s style frames such as the ‘Phoebie’ from Bolle. With the cat-eye limited to a tiny fin on top of the lens it gives the same glam effect but with a squarer shape, heart the candy pink colour too!

What’s your shades style?