Outfit: Cherry Shoes


 Today I’m Wearing: vintage 80’s dress from Mooch Vintage, Sheffield; Shadowlands sunglasses, Michael Perry cherry shoes

 Picked up this dress last week, its one of those 80’s weird things that are just so peculiar you can’t help but think they are cool – once the shoulder-pads have been binned that is! Its got something like a wicker basket print and a little bit of exposed middle. perfect with tutti-frutti sunglasses and cherry shoes.



New Birthday Shoes – Customised Converse


It’s my birthday and because I am super spoilt I got these amazing customised leopard print Converse from my beloved. Since moving to Sheffield and all its hilly glouriousness I rediscovered by appreciation of a good pair of Cons. I don’t think I will ever get over my leopard print obsession and since I know some of you will be lusting after this pair I went searching for other cool leopard print trainers. This lace-less pair of KEDS Champions are really gorgeous and my top pick.


Comfy Cons

photo (4)

I’ve become utterly attached to my Cons this summer – before this pair I hadn’t worn any since I was a teenager and had forgotten my affection for them. As autumn draws in I’m sad they will have to be put away from the cold and rain that will surely come soon. There is hope however as Converse have introduced many new styles in darker colours, leather and harder wearing all terrain boots. If they are as comfy as the classic All Stars then they have me sold! Will let you know which ones I opt for but the leather Hiker are a firm favorite along with the Star Player. Let me know if you have tried the new styles and what you think of them?

Blood and Ink



I didn’t take a break from blogging, however as you know I have slowed things down this year after starting a new full time job and relocating it was hard to find the time and energy to create a photoshoot. On top of that working in sustainable fashion has put something of, not quite a guilt trip, but something of a more concious state of mind in play. I started to question my own shopping habits and in return what I was blogging about. I haven’t gone cold turkey on fashion but I have certainly changed, I will write a full post on this as its pretty interesting. What I wanted to talk about here is something else which is a big part of my life. For those of you on Instagram (@SuperElevated) this will come as nothing new, whilst I have forgone the fashion addiction (somewhat) I have been investing in another area. My body and body art. I had my first tattoo aged 16, I followed that up with five more over the next few years the last I think I was around 20, as an undergrad at university, was to remain unfinished for the next 12 years. I can’t tell you why it took that long, the most recent years having a tattoo was impossible due to the immuno-suppressant medication I had to take. I guess it was just something out of mind if not always out of sight. My first tattoo on my wrist I have now lived with just as long with, as without. When something is so much a part of you it isn’t a concious thing, not for me anyway. Its like remembering you have a left knee everyday, you just don’t.

A lot changed for me this year, another thing was finally coming off my medication, not cured but lets say on hold, how long for it isn’t known, a day, a month, ten years? But I feel mostly ok and that’s good enough for me, without the steroids I’ve been getting fit again and I think that was the first stage in deciding to get the unfinished tattoo on my thing sorted out. After putting a lot of thought into it, myself and my artist decided that a cover up would be the best option but due to the heavy black outlines a few sessions of laser removal first would give the best result. Everything I am mentioning here I will write about separately in more detail, gory photos too if you like. But this is the first time in a while I’ve really felt I had something to say without visuals to speak for me. Tomorrow is something of a big day for me, it doesn’t really feel like it is yet but I guess it must do in a way for me to be typing out the waffles like this. As of tomorrow I will go from being someone with a few tattoos to the first stage of the process in becoming what some would class as heavily tattooed. Its not a decision I’ve taken lightly or rushed into, obviously as I am well aware of the impact your appearance has on your life. But sometimes there are just some things you need to do, this is one of them. So whilst I am not changing the nature of the blog from fashion to tattoos, it will of course change in some ways as I do. I’ve never had a set agenda for the blog, its just rolled with me over the years and hopefully will continue to do so for many more. Lets say then its something of a new chapter.


Why the Converse photos? I got this new pair not even two weeks ago and they are already covered in blood and ink, custom body, custom shoes. I got these from Spartoo where these All Stars and some other styles are on sale. I hadn’t worn Cons for years and have been living in these, so comfy. Although I’m not sure cream was the wisest colour choice for me!

Dress Code part 1: Are You Modified?

Body modification: the deliberate altering of the human body for aesthetic or non-medical purposeThat is the definition from wikipedia, other sources very slightly but are fundamentally the same, the only word deliberated over is ‘permanent‘. When we think of body modification I bet most of us think firstly of body piercing, perhaps tattoos. How about plastic surgery? Circumcision? These are other permanent modifications, yet hair dye, make-up, fake tan are all modifications too just temporary. Where do clothes, accessories and jewelry fit into this? They are all aspects of changing our bodies in some way or another.

What’s with all the deep thoughts on a Sunday I guess you are wondering. Well a few things have got me thinking about this lately, mostly watching repeats of Miami Ink, London Ink and all the other types of Ink on TV whilst I have been stuck at home ill. But also a few things in the headlines.

Rick Genest walks for Mugler

The appearance of Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy on the runway and in the ad campaign for Mugler caused a huge stir up. Rick’s entire body is covered in tattoo to make him look like a zombie. He says he has had trouble finding a steady job due to his appearance.
Then there was the case of sales assistant Melanie Stark who felt she was forced to resign from her Job at Harrods when after 4 years of her working there the company decided to enforce their ladies dress code. The code requires female employees to wear full make-up.

It reminds me of when I worked at a Supermarket on checkout whilst I was at Uni doing my undergrad degree. We got a new manager who sent around an update to our contracts we had to agree to uphold and sign. Amongst things like wearing full uniform and abiding by health and safety regulations were rules that all long hair must be tied back and all visible tattoos were to be concealed with plasters (band-aids). I told the supervisor that I would not sign it and wanted an explanation for those rules in particular. Apparently our hair was to be tied back for health and safety, to prevent it getting caught in the till conveyer belt, I never did get an explanation for the tattoos. I never did sign that agreement nor did I comply with it, I said I would prefer to leave and nothing was ever said about it again. If I had been given it to sign at the start of working there I probably would have complied as I wanted the job and to be honest it wasn’t really a big deal. The thing that grated with me however, was that I had been doing that job perfectly well before hand so how could altering my appearance improve my working ability. (In case you were wondering – we tested this – the only way to get your hair caught in the conveyer belt is if you lay with your head on the thing).

What gets me is why is everybody so hung up on controlling the appearance of others?

I was getting coffee at a service station the other day and the girl serving me had an entire arm of blue plasters, you could see a tiny part of her tattoo poking out (they probably ran out of plasters). Would my coffee have tasted bad if her tattoo had been on display? Would she have been unable to do her job? Of course not so why make her look ridiculous trying to conceal it with plasters.

The rarely seen three tattoos on my thigh, I originally intended them to make up a bigger design yet haven’t quite got around to that
(excuse the PJ’s and Snuggie like I said Ive been sick)

I know some people don’t like tattoos, fair enough but you know what I don’t like Croc’s shoes, yet that doesn’t give me the right to prevent people wearing them. I really like tattoos so maybe I am biased? Well I would never have facial piercings, but each to their own if people want to have them. It makes no difference to me and it certainly doesn’t offend me, I just choose not to have them. How is an eyebrow piercing really different to ear piercing any how?
I have my ears pierced, 3 times in fact not that I ever really wear earrings these days. I also had my tongue pierced for a couple of years.
People often ask why I had my tongue pierced and why I got tattoos – I have 6, but I never really have an answer. There wasn’t a specific reason, just like there isn’t a specific reason why I have my hair in this style or wear certain clothes. They are just things I like and I guess are an extension of myself.
Most people don’t even notice I have tattoos, I had them all in places which are usually covered up. I just had them where I wanted them, I never felt the need to have them ‘on show’ all the time, yet neither was it a conscious decision to have them hidden. I often forget they are there. One time on a work trip to Egypt I shocked a fair few colleagues when they saw me in swim wear. One said ‘Ohh I would never have guess you were like that’, like what exactly I am not entirely sure.
I liked having my tongue piercing at the time, I liked buying pretty body jewellery and would wear a silver bar with either a pink or green jewel on the ball. I decided to take it out one day, I guess for no more of a reason than I had on the day I had it done.These are just some of my thoughts, but I guess my biggest wonder is why people waste their lives getting wound up about things that don’t really matter at all.
It is beyond me how anybody could be offended by another’s appearance,