Pearl Hearts Shadowlands #1 – Cherry Cola

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The Details: Sunglasses Shadowlands Highway in Cherry Cola*; Vivienne Westwood bone necklace; Make up -Nails: Chanel Malice nail varnish, Lips: Tom Ford Cherry Crush lipstick, Eyes: Illamasqua Fundamental pallette and Chanel Mirifique Illusion d’ombre, Illamasqua Raven masquara mascara; Face: Bobbi Brown Long Wear foundation, Retouching power in White.


In the first of two post I want to introduce my friend Pete Woodwards amazing sunglasses label Shadowlands. The brand ethos is to offer boutique quality without the extravagant price tag. Those who are regular readers will know I am the pickiest person in the world when it comes to sunglasses. Due to my wonky nose I can’t wear any that aren’t correctly balanced, light and well shaped on the bridge or it is very painful for me. None of those issues here, both styles are perfectly comfortable. The other thing which is hard to find with sunnies is crystal clear quality lenses, good lenses should be so clear that you forget you are wearing them yet still offer high protection from the sun’s glare. These have incredible clarity and I got to test them out in the glorious winter sun we had here this week.

download5 download1

What is most exciting about Shadowlands are the innovative designs and ‘colours’ available. Colour is perhaps the wrong word, rather the way the material of the frames is made up, the last photo here shows really well what I am talking about. The Cherry Cola (here), Tuti Fruti (see next post), Graphite and Tortoise shell are made with this remarkable technology. Each style is offered in a variety of colours so you can customise your look. The frame designs too are certainly not something you would find on the High St! The quality surpasses many of my designer pairs with 3x the price tag, even the velvet lined cases are pure luxe. The best part all styles retail at ┬ú90 – no I couldn’t’ believe it either, I wouldn’t have blinked at a ┬ú200 tag. Since Shadowlands is so new and exclusive they are only available in the UK at Kokon to Zai, London. If you aren’t local and NEED a pair you can email me and I will put you in touch for lookbooks / if you are lucky you might talk them into a custom mail order, you can also stalk designer @_stpeter and search
#Shadowlands on Instagram to see more styles / ask questions. We would love to know what you think of the sunglasses and stay tuned for part 2.

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*Disclaimer: I’m sure it was obvious in the post that my friend sent me these as a gift, I loved them so naturally wanted to blog it. Due to the ridiculous ASA regulations I now have to point that out. I’ve no idea how complicated blogging Xmas gifts is going to be!

Trends: Glasses in Fashion

When it comes to fashion your initial thoughts are likely to have you picturing dresses, skirts and shoes but the secret that your fashion guru is unlikely to divulge is that your ultimate fashion accessory is actually your eyes.


Stunning chunky Tom Ford frames

Your eyes are the first feature your peers will notice therefore it is crucial to give them the attention they deserve. Often at times those who require vision correction underestimate the power they behold when it comes to one of the edgiest accessories available at their fingertips; glasses.


Jennifer Aniston

Glasses are the perfect way to express your own personal style and character, be it geek chic thick rimmed, the sleek and sharp frameless or the brightly coloured fun frames that best represent you; any average outfit can be brought to life with the perfect glasses. For those of you who don’t need frames you can try the same styles with sunglasses or use bright eyeliners to frame the eyes.

One famous glasses wearer is Kim Kardashian, who like many women don’t like to have to wear their glasses and opted for laser eye surgery. Not that you have to do so live on TV like Kim! Although it is true that glasses can look fabulous in practical terms they can be tricky if you don’t feel comfortable. Contact lenses are an option but can be fiddly and aren’t suitable for everyone. So you might like to make like Kim K and plump for┬á laser eye surgery.


So for the fashion savvy, whether you want to wear your glasses with pride or would prefer to snap those damn things in half visit Optical Express where you can find fashion forward frames or find out more about laser eye surgery which can give you a whole new look in just ten minutes. Bad eye-sight does not have to mean bad fashion sense!

Beauty: My Summer Scent

Every season I like to change my make up, it gets me in the mood for the shift in weather and makes my wardrobe feel fresh. It is┬á easy to notice a bright new nail colour or lip stick but fragrance is a lot more subtle. Visually that is, as I feel the scent I wear really reflects my mood. Idealo kindly offered to send me my choice of a new fragrance just in time for summer – well actually it seems we are still waiting for the sunshine! Usually I reach for the bright colours as soon as we leave February behind us, but this year I have been drawn too much cooler shades. Ice blue and slate grey, colours of ice and the sea. Perhaps leaning to more of a minimalist style. I think my hunt for a new fragrance continued this theme. I have never been a soft, fruity, sweet scented person. I always prefer unusual scents, something heavy, very deep woody, if floral then rose and lavender, patchouli, earthy, spicy scents, very rich. My current favourites are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Boudoir, Let it Rock; Chanel No 5 eau Premier and Jersey; Comme des Garcon Wonderwood. All strong, intense scents.

I didn’t want to stray too far from my old favourites but I did want something totally different, no easy feat if I didn’t want to go down the light and airy route. I spent hours roaming around the fragrance hall of department stores and rubbing magazine page samples up my arms. Lots and lots of lovey scents. I came very close to choosing the new Roberto Cavalli perfume, very ambery it transported me to summer in Milan. But it was Tom Ford to win me over. I very much liked Violet Blond but felt it was slightly similar to my other floral fragrances. As I teetered the sales assistant Jack suggested I might like to try one of their men’s fragrances Grey Vetiver. The earthy patchouli was an instant hit, but combined with fresh citrus perfect for summer.

What scents are you loving this summer?

Beauty: Christmas Haul, Looks & Products

Agent Provocateur: Perfume, Body Glamour and Bubble Bath; Chanel: Black Pearl nail varnish, Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in La Fascinante, Or gold eye liner, Blazing Gold eye shadow; Tom Ford Bitter Bitch nail Varnish, F21 gold and black necklace.

Chanel Rouge Carat nail varnish, Vivienne Westwood ring and address book.


Make-up look created with Chanel products above.

Thought it was about time I showed you some of what Santa brought! For those of you following on Twitter and Facebook you will have seen my new nail varnishes already, I have to say these are three of my favourite ever colours. Bitter Bitch is a rich brown with an aubergine tint, Black Pearl is the exact colour of its namesake and Rouge Carat is a deep almost metallic red. I really like deep, rich colours during winter. This year Chanel have knocked themselves out with their beautiful gold eye shadow which can be applied as a subtle shimmer or built up for a full on shot of gold. The gold liquid liner is the perfect highlight worn alone or with shadow. The cherry red on the cake comes in the form of the new matt Velvet lip colours. I was surprised at how a matt lipstick could be so soft and moisturising, but again then it is Chanel.

Birthday Swag

Finally I have chance to share with you the rather bizarre occasion that was my 30th birthday. It was last Friday which was the one week anniversary of my dog Jet passing so I knew I wouldn’t be in the mood for celebrating. Instead we stayed in with a take-away and a DVD. I went out with friends for tea at the weekend, in what turned out to be a pretty terrible restaurant. It also got terribly cold all of a sudden, so cold that one of my stockings kept falling down, in the end I walked home with one tucked down my ankle boots (yes, I do see now it would have made more sense to take them both off). Its a good job I had drank a bottle of wine have a good sense of humor, is all I am saying!

Lets be honest we all know birthdays are about the presents and I got some fabulous things. I will show you the clothes properly in outfit posts but here are some quick snaps. I got a Bagpuss and LV scarf from my parents, Tom Ford from Rich, AP from Jen, jewellery from Florrie -huge thank you to my wonderful friends. I also treated myself to some Westwood, Bondage boots, two pairs of pants and a coat I have had my eye on since I saw it during London fashion week. As an extra present my brother gave me the flu so just a brief post for now, there is a thermal blanked and a Lemsip waiting for me.