Autumn / Winter 2013 Wish List!

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Rick Owens runway via, Rick Owens tunic, Michale Kors leggings, Eugina Kim bobble hat – all from, Sheepskin boots from UGG Australia.

Like most people I tend to have to ‘versions’ of my wardrobe, the going out fancy and they staying at home scruffy. Because of my dogs I go for comfort when I’m at home, slouchy sweaters, plaid shirts, leggings and Ugg boots. Up North we are starting to feel the chill in the air during the evenings signaling autumn will be here soon, all the new season stock is starting to arrive in the shops too. I won’t go on about how ridiculous the retail fashion cycle is but as I am sure you know finding winter clothes when you actually need them is never easy, you always need to be one step ahead. For me there are always two winter essentials, new boots and a new coat. Last years Cardi UGG Australia boots took a bit of a hammering so this year I really wanted something more sturdy, but still soft and flexible enough to be comfortable wearing around the house. I chose these pale grey Baily Button Triplet from UGG Australia which will go well with my winter staple colours of black and grey. In my mind I look like I just stomped off a Rick Owens runway, in reality I look like I forgot to get dressed, but hey at least I will be warm as I sit hidden under an oversized hoodie.


As for my respectable-adult-leaving-the-house-look you all know I have to be drooling over the new season Vivienne Westwood. I haven’t seen much of the new collections in store yet but this Gold Label runway look basically sums up how I want my AW13 to be, torn silk skirts, oversized knit sweaters, clompy boots and capes. For the office the smart new Harris coat in baby pink is calling to me, as is this incredible printed pencil skirt. I love a good statement necklace and this chunky collar with semi-precious stones is divine. My current tartan everyday bag is starting to look a bit abused so I also have my eye on a nice roomy new one, this embossed tartan tote is rather lust worthy.

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Whatcha got, whatcha got, lemme see, lemme see, sniff, sniff, sniff!!! Han approves of new shoes so long as he gets to jump around in the tissue paper.

Ohhh Whooga

As summer rolls to an end its time to start thinking about A/W and the practical things which come with it, like trying to keep warm and upright in the cold!
The nice people over at Whooga ugg boots must have seen how much in need of a warm pair of boots I was, as they asked me to honestly review their boots. I choose the classic short in black.
The first thing I would like to say is that before I even got the boots the website was really great, it was so informative with specific information on how to get the correct size, to where the boots were made and with lots of genuine customer reviews and video clips. I can’t praise their website enough as I cannot stand it when websites don’t give adequate information, but I found all my questions answered and learnt a lot about the brand.

The boots were delivered really fast, the website says the boots are made to order in China (the Australian sheepskin is sent there for production) so it could take up to 2 weeks, but they arrived in 7 days. They also say that the boots can smell of adhesive slightly due to the fact they are made and shipped right away. This was true but it disappeared within them being out of the box for an hour or so. The box itself I loved!! So pretty and would make a great gift!

The only other ugg boots I have owned are UGG Australia so I can only compare them to this brand, but I know there are quite a few other premium ugg boot brands out there now. The only caution I might have had about buying another brand is the sturdiness of the heels. I am sure you have seen people in cheap uggs where the heel just collapses! But no need to worry about that with Whooga the heel was really strong and re-enforced. Over all the boots look great, they are a nice shape (not bulky and ugly looking like Emu uggs) the sheepskin outer is soft but sturdy and the inner sheepskin is really thick and fluffy! I have been wearing them for over a week now and they are still looking good, comfy and snug as ever. My mum actually has a really similar pair from UGG Australia so we decided to do a comparison!

My Whooga are on the right, as you can see they are really similar with the same thickness of sheepskin, and stitching style. I also thought it was good to compare them as I guess most people are more familiar with UGG Australia. The only difference I could make out was the the Whooga sole was slightly firmer, which I think is better for an outdoor boot, much more sturdy but equally comfortable. The other difference was that the stitching around the leg and the foot of the boot was more roomy in the Whooga, this I really liked as I am a half size so would prefer a snug fitting UK4 than a roomy UK5, but having tried UGG Australia boots on in store the smaller size were so tight in this area I had to get a bigger size which went even bigger with wear. So I would definitely prefer Whooga for this reason.
The other reason to shout about Whooga is the price, this pair was £75 which is around £100 cheaper than other leading brands.
There are many colours and styles to choose from so I can honestly say they are worth checking out if you want a new pair of ugg boots this season. I am not one to wear them as a fashion accessory (there is no kidding you guys I need a heel), but as a practical boot I am all for them, I haven’t taken them off inside the house – much to the upset of the dogs who keep thinking we are going for ‘walkies’! I am already planning on buying another pair in the ‘mini’ style, they are so cute! So I will leave you with the ultimately chic Kate Moss for styling ideas!

You can also be in with a chance of winning your own pair of Whooga ugg boots simply by signing up for their newsletter!
Disclaimer: I receive the Whooga ugg boots free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product for their website. I would never agree to review a product if my opinion was to be edited, nor would I review a product I wouldn’t actually buy and wear myself.