LFW SS14: Day 2 It’s all a bit Coco

The Shows

Even though Le Grand Mademoiselle Coco Chanel died over 40 years ago her influence on fashion is still being felt. Sister by Sibling took on boxy tweed jackets and twin sets fired up in their trade mark bright colours and leopard print. Textile and fashion designer Hellen van Rees has been inspired by Chanel’s fantasy tweed through out her work, this season again she created incredible fuzzy, oversized tweeds worked into minimal garments.


Orla Kiely took us on a journey to what can only be described as a Parisian Safari! If you can imagine a bunch of French girl scouts from the 60’s chasing lions that you just about have it!

DSC_9158 DSC_9161DSC_9125

The chance to get up close and personal with collections is always a pure luxury. The Maiko Takeda headpieces, recently worn by Bjork, look sharp and lethal. On touch however they were surprisingly soft and springy, light as feathers. Between Sophia Webster and Liam Fahy it was a virtual shoe fest, with Webster’s quirky candy shoes revamped this season with even cheekier logos contrasting Fahy’s dark brocade prints and concealed spikes. Nobody could keep their hands, or should I say heads, off my girl Mich Dulce’s millinery, with a colour pallet of cream, black, pale blue and pink her designs appeal to the edgy or prim woman alike. I took great joy in trying on basically everything with ears! Check out my Instagram (@SuperElevated to see)


The Street

Whilst moderately drier today show goers outfits were still suffering from extreme weather fatigue. Nobody really knew what to wear to stay warm and dry but also smart enough to sit FROW. The answer it seemed was to throw on a cosy oversized knit and pile on sparkling bauble jewellery to add some glam.

DSC_8961DSC_8963DSC_8964 DSC_8970 DSC_8972 DSC_8976 DSC_8979 DSC_8982 DSC_8986

As for me I was dressed part Barbie, part fuzzy monkey. In all the show excitement I forgot to get a snap of my own outfit luckily my street style snapper buddy did so I will have a photo for you soon, if you can’t wait check out my social media for blurry selfies!

Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW


Modern Queen – Bora Aksu SS13

Bora Aksu SS13

‘Modern Queen’

‘For every woman born a princess, destined to become a Queen’. It was evident from the glorious crochet wool crowns that there was a regal undertone to Bora Aksu’s SS13 collection. The designer quotes Marie,Queen of Romania as inspiration for the collection. Her love of Art Deco, botanical gardens and her racy love life. Marie had many admires, she was a beautiful and powerful woman. Such qualities were reflected in the collection, the pale blues, soft greys and fresh whites create romance whilst the mustards golds and corals pack a vibrant punch. Creeping vines in Art Deco shapes add intrigue and depth. To say this was a beautiful collection is an understatement.

Portraits of the original Queen Marie (source 1,2)

For more information about the designer and to shop the collections – Bora Aksu.com

Who Needs Botox? – Fam Irvoll SS13

Fam Irvoll SS13

‘No thank you, Mr Botox’

A group of old ladies, hunched up and shuffling, greet each other with a hug and shuffle off down the run way. The music changes and the Grannies jump into dance to Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m too Sexy’! The cakes, wool balls, knitting needles, pearls, bows, hearts, poodles and cats are all things designer Fam Irvoll brought together to create the perfect, dream world Grandmother. Irvoll famously draws on childhood memories and themes for her collection and this one was no different, a real candyfloss and tea, pastel sweet celebration of the charming old lady. The collection was far from twee with body-con mini skirts adding a glamourous edge and fitted tailoring keeping the silhouette sleek. Frothy dresses in candy colours, adorned with huge corsages would be equally welcome for day or night. The was a deinitively 1950’s undertone to the shapes used. The whimsical shoes, were moccasins given a thick flatform sole and googly eyes, ears and a nose to create cute poodles. Tony & Guy created elegant bouffants amongst the eccentric wigs. Nails by Sharon Ashton were an elegant matt red and pink with 3D baby-blue bows. Echoing the make-up by Jo Sugar for The BodyShop, a pale blue eye with wing-tip liner and a pastel pink or orange-red lip.

You can see the show video at Fam Irvoll.com and see more show images in my FaceBook Album.

Backstage the matt nails with tiny blue bows, image courtesy of Sharon Ashton, @Sharon1nails

Beauty: The Body Shop at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

As anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I am no make-up expert. Sure I love trying out new products and having fun playing with bright lipsticks and eye shadows, but I can’t say I am particularly skilled in applying make-up in any way. I actually find it easy to do other peoples faces (must be my arts background), but when it comes to my own I do struggle. I also lack patience so can’t be bothered spending an hour every day trying to achieve a cover girl perfect face. A dusting of powder, a flick of eye liner, mascara, a smear of lippy and I’m off. For a night out I might take an extra minute to smudge in a smokey eye. Having said that I am always up for a challenge and I really do adore discovering new tips and tricks. When The Body Shop asked if I would like to recreate the look their make-up artist had used for the Ones to Watch runway show during London Fashion Week I jumped at the chance. I had seen the show, review to come soon, and really liked the make-up and styling, kind of 1960’s with a modern glow.

┬áThe kit – Products: Shimmer Cubes Palette 20, Eye Shimmer 01, Liquid Eye Liner, Super Volume Mascara, Eye Definer’s in White 05 and French Navy 06, Brushes: Slanted, Eye Shadow and Eye Shadow Blender.

Armed with my kit I watched the video below and whilst it had some tricky bits, I thought it was generally easy to follow. In fact I found it fairly easy and quick to do. I also learnt some interesting tips such as using the concealer under the brow and trying a brush for eyeliner ‘flicks’. You can see my version of the completed look above and also in my outfit post Ticket to Ride which has 60s influenced styling too. I really liked the effect that was created around the outer eye with the contrasting blue and white, underlined with the eyeliner flick. I don’t think I went as full on as the original look, but it is something I will certainly be trying again. I really liked the products and with the eye shadow cube especially I think there is plenty of scope for creating a fair few variations on this. It would work well with the dark grey as the main colour and would also be really interesting to try with totally contrasting colours such as throwing in a bright green or pink. It was a novelty for me to be using so many brushes too. I only use one brush for powder usually so having all these different ones was great fun! It did take a bit of getting used to applying eye shadow with a brush as opposed to my finger but it does give you more control especially when shading and blending.

On the runway, Ones to Watch, Vauxhall Fashion Scout, London Fashion Week A/W 12

What did I think of the products? Well I’ve actually been using some Body Shop products already for quite some time. I have yet to find anywhere else which sells a clear / invisible lip liner. I love to wear dark lipsticks and find even with a coloured liner I still get bleeding, however using this clear liner first really prevents that. It has been my miracle product for years. I also use the cheek and lip stain. I previously used Benefit Benetint but found it leaked and annoyingly stained your fingers after applying, it was also drying when used on the lips. The Body Shop stain however is gel based and in a sleek lip gloss sized tube so more practical to carry around. It doesn’t leak and it doesn’t stain your hands but it stays perfectly well put on your face! I haven’t looked back since discovering it. I also use the Vitamin E face products, which I do want to go into in a separate post. Apart from the odd eye shadow I hadn’t tried any other Body Shop products. I was extremely impressed with the brushes first of all, very soft bristles and a nicely shaped handle for a secure grip. The liquid eyeliner is probably my favourite thing, it blew me away! I have been using a pot liner recently after giving up with liquid’s altogether. Yet this one with its precision, felt-tip like applicator and non-runny formula, not only gave a neat line but it lasted all day too. It was also pretty much idiot proof! Honestly it was so easy to use, not a wobbly line in sight! It has been granted a firm place in my make-up bag. The eye shadows were great colours and easy to apply, not the softest consistency I have tried and they did require a bit of working to get the product onto the brush but once on bright and deep pigments. The only products I didn’t feel suited me were the eyeliner pencils, I found them much harder than the ones I usually use and having to press in and really keep working the pencil irritated my sensitive eyes. I found breathing on the tips and rubbing it into the back of my hand softened them up a bit, but I would personally have preferred them to be softer. All in all I would really recommend the products and definitely suggest having a watch of the video and trying out the look for yourself.

The video showing how the look was created for the fashion show