LW AW13: Day 2

The Shows



The most incredible colours and textures, next season it will be velvet boots with everything!


Dans la Vie

The prints, the prints always the most incredible prints! This season was no different with a serpent feel.




Orla Kiely

I joined the Bobbi Brown team backstage again, huge thanks to Irene, today at Orla Kiely. The look was a chic but laid back Bardot, smokey eye and subtle shimmer lip.

DSC_5447 DSC_5438


The show it’s self had a sexy-secretary cheeky nudge to it, one thing Kiely never fails to offer is a beautifully thought out show set. She put the girls to work 9-5, although in the most stylishly dressed office I have ever seen!


Bolzoni & Walsh

Tough biker girls, smouldering insouciantly in velvet and leathers, luxury basics at their best.

Street Style




A beautiful array of pretty prints and bold colours, enjoy!

What Pearl Wore

IMG_6735IMG_6760 IMG_6756 IMG_6777 IMG_6787 IMG_6785 IMG_6781

Keeping with the knitwear theme I wore Vivienne Westwood again, I also had these beautiful vintage sunglasses from TK Maxx for when the sun decided to put in an appearance! I was wearing my Comic Relief t-shirt although it was a bit to chilly to show it off.


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

Judy Bites Back – On Judys Affordable Vintage Fair

One of Judy’s stall holders (a.k.a The Mole) very kindly shared this email which was sent out to all traders, it goes to show that Judy really did take all your comments into consideration which I think is pretty awesome. Once again just to hammer my original point home this fair is all about affordable vintage, making prices affordable doesn’t mean they have to be dirt cheap just FAIR for what the product actually is. You can read my original post and my follow up post should you be wondering what all this is about!

Hi Everyone

As you know weÔÇÖre been busy collecting trader feedback at all our Autumn 2011 fairs. IÔÇÖd like to thank you all for the great feedback we have received and let you know that weÔÇÖre taking it all on board for 2012 to ensure you are all happy. WeÔÇÖll be looking at more affordable venues to try to reduce the stall hire fees at certain cities and are looking to do more on-line advertising to hopefully keep our promotion costs lower (this means we can reduce door feeÔÇÖs and add incentives).

Whilst we have been monitoring your feedback we have also been collecting customer feedback. You see, our jobs are made so much easier if the people we are promoting to are so ecstatic with our fair that they want to come back or tell all their friends. And this is so important to you as these people who come to our fairs are there to shop, and as weÔÇÖre seeing so many of them leave empty handed we thought weÔÇÖd ask them why.

Here is the run down according to customer feedback collected from 15 of our fairs dating between September and November:

Top 5 suggestions:
1. More affordable clothing
2. More menswear
3. More discount deals
4. More pre 50s
5. credit card machines at stalls

Top 5 comments:
1. Bring back the bargains / fill a bag for a tenner
2. Great fair!
3. more choice ÔÇô many of the stalls seemed the same
4. more changing rooms
5. DidnÔÇÖt seem as affordable as I thought / same prices as the high street / more expensive

So there you have it folks, this data was collected from a minimum of 20 customers per fair and we selected people of all ages so you get a good idea.

WeÔÇÖre working twice as hard and putting even more money into our advertising / promoting this year and we really need you to work with us. Please ensure you price your items correctly, if its a polyester dress please donÔÇÖt ask ┬ú35 for it ÔÇô high street vintage stores charge as little as ┬ú10. And if itÔÇÖs dirty or torn please donÔÇÖt bring it (unless you want to do a bargain bin for those who are looking for fabrics).

HereÔÇÖs a blog post about how overpriced our Manchester fair was:

So there are some reasons why people walk into the fair with money to spend and walk out without. We had nearly 2000 visitors at our Manchester fair and a whopping 9 hours of time to trade, a huge majority of traders did really well ÔÇô so customers were putting their hands in their pockets ÔÇô but some didnÔÇÖt make money ÔÇô in some cases it was product (wrong fit) in others it was simply stock.

For those of you booking into all our fairs from this weekend forward will have seen we are now also offering incentives for traders to email their clients with entry offers. So, when you book in for the fair please look out for the discount code email so you can help spread the word to your regulars and ensure they jump the queue / get in cheaper.

WeÔÇÖll continue to process customer feedback ÔÇô I think itÔÇÖs really interesting to know how our core customer is feeling as they walk out of the fair. And we will send it over to you every few months so you can hopefully take it on board and make changes.

Best wishes,

Judy Berger
Event person
JudyÔÇÖs Affordable Vintage Fair and The Furniture Flea
Curators of the marketplace at Vintage at the Southbank festival

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, Manchester

Having heard great things about Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair’s I was eager to check out the one being held Sunday 20th November in Manchester’s Town Hall. I have been to quite a few vintage events and always found the prices a bit extortionate so the fact that this was going to be ‘affordable’ really appealed. After hearing about the event from a friend I checked out the website which was filled with enticing photos, showing ‘fill a bag for ┬ú10’ stalls and promising “price checked to ensure shoppers are paying up to 75% less than high street prices for their vintage.” I have to say I was disappointed.

Taking only ┬ú30 cash with me, I was first met with a ┬ú2 door charge, then went inside to find it really expensive. A simple 1980s polyester frock ┬ú30, a slightly bobbly coat ┬ú100, neck scarves ┬ú5, a dirty old white leather jacket ┬ú60. I am never one to quibble over prices, I know that sourcing items, repairing, cleaning, stall fees and other over heads all add up and that in this climate it is hard for everyone trying to make a living. If this had simply been advertised as a vintage fair I wouldn’t have been surprised by such prices but when it was specifically advertised as ‘affordable’ I felt let down.

I don’t know which high street vintage shops they checked their prices against but they certainly weren’t the ones here in Manchester. Where you can buy dresses for ┬ú3 in Cow and even the most beautiful of Retro Rehabs are never over ┬ú25. Now I certainly will pay for quality, if it is pristine and a timeless classic example of vintage. There were some lovely things but but I came away empty handed because I just didn’t think anything that had caught my eye was worth the hefty price tag. I fell in love with a fuchsia pink wool coat but it was ┬ú100 and quite worn looking. When it was advertised as being up to 75% less than high street vintage shops, I don’t think I was being unreasonable expecting to find a few things to buy with my thirty quid, do you? Dresses for ┬ú8, hats for ┬ú5 that sort of thing.

I very nearly parted with all my cash for a lovely lion necklace, very gaudy just my type of thing. It wasn’t cheap at ┬ú25 but I really liked it. Then the stall holder actually talked me out of buying it, saying it was hand made from reclaimed pieces (something I used to do myself), but she really thought it needed some more work and that she was going to suggest her friend (who made it) add an extra string to make it more secure as it kept flipping over. ‘Then she could charge more for it’. I have to say I was just a bit perplexed and slowly backed away. The grand total purchase for the afternoon was a tiny tea cup with a candle inside that my friend Vicky picked up. She was also tempted by the fetching Christmas jumper (below) but alas it had been sold when she went back for a second look.

That said it was a lovely event, the Town Hall is a beautiful building and I am a huge supporter of any event that lets people see inside some where which is usually off limits. The Christmas markets around the Town Hall all opened up this weekend so it was rather festive to have a nice wonder around, trying out my new camera. But if you want to shop vintage fairs in Manchester I would recommend Vintage Threads.