What Would I Wear to A Summer Wedding?

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Anglomania ‘Resurrection’ dress, Elevated Tea Garden Court Shoes, Cupid Tiara, Animalier bag; Links of London ‘Hope’ bracelet, ‘Love Notes heart & arrow’ earrings; Breitling ‘Transocean’ watch

I get asked a lot of fashion related questions, one that pops up quite often is ‘What would you wear for a wedding?’. I never really get if they mean what would I recommended they wear for a wedding, or what would I personally wear, because lets face it it would be quite different! Since I like to indulge in some virtual shopping, lets play dress up on my own behalf! To be honest I have worn for weddings past things I would usually wear with the addition of sticking something on my head. Nice frock, pair of heels and the opportunity to wear a hat, what’s not to love! I am in two minds about the whole rewearing for things for big occasions. Personally I’d rather not be wearing the same dress for two weddings, vain perhaps, but I would like my friends to think I made an effort for their big day. In reality I doubt anyone actually notice what the guest are wearing. With that in mind though I would wear the same dress for two big events such as one at a wedding, then at a big party etc. I wouldn’t wear the exact same outfit though,I’d change main accessories to create a different look.

Whilst perusing the new season offerings this Vivienne Westwood Anglomania ‘Resurrection’ dress really caught my eye. It is bold enough to make a statement itself – that print will pop against black accessories. But it is also simple enough with the monochrome pallet to let bold accessories do the talking. Here I have paired it with brightly printed heels and an attention seeking clutch bag, both Vivienne Westood. With all that going on, I would keep the rest of the accessories low key and classic. These stunning Links of London pieces would be perfect, the little heart earrings and pretty bracelet. I really like the idea of wearing a watch and bracelet together, Breitling Watches do some incredible styles – yes I know they cost a fortune but this is my dream list right! As for the head gear, since this is a pretty full on look I think I would skip the traditional hat and go for this Vivienne Westwood Cupid horn tiara, a bit of fancy nestled in a perfectly coiffed up-do.

Images: Vivienne Westwood.co.uk and Christopher Warton Goldsmith

Things for the Alternative Bride

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Don’t be getting the wrong idea, there are no wedding bells for me just yet, however I have been talking to a few people about weddings and how traditions are changing. Rock and Roll Bride is a fabulous blog documenting how creative weddings can be these days, reflecting the couple not just traditions. J MASKREY recently launched her new online store, with it her bridal range. I absolutely love the idea of a bride carrying a box clutch and rocking a pair of glamourous shades instead of a veil! Her crystal encrusted body jewellery would look really pretty but edgy too and who wouldn’t want to walk up the isle in these incredible shoes! Click here to see the full J MASKREY range

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When it comes to wedding gifts I know toasters and crockery are traditional, snooze! Wouldn’t it be lovely to create something which the couple could treasure? I thought a charm bracelet such as the Pandora ones would be a wonderful gift, each guest could choose a charm. Padndora also do leather thong bracelets and necklaces suitable for men so it’s not just a gift for the bride. Click Here for Pandora Charms

Wearing a Red Dress to a Wedding

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Red is one of my favourite colours, in fact my red dress is one of my absolute favourite pieces. However when I mentioned to a friend that I was going to wear it to a wedding I was met with a gasp of outrage! Besides wearing white – obviously a big no, no, it seems red and black are somewhat frowned upon for wedding guests. Red seen as too sexy, black too morbid. I can’t agree with this at all, I think red is such a cheerful colour and there isn’t a happier occasion than a wedding. The trick is to make the colour more friendly with the right accessories, I wouldn’t say wear a little red dress with back seem stockings and black stilettos for the occasion. Rather I would ‘pretty it up’ using so summery and laid back pieces. To illustrate I chose this stunning red dress from Zac Posen it has such a beautiful cut with a fitted bodice and full skirt. The Calvin Klein Collection shoes instantly give it a more day time and summery look, the colours breaking up the block of red. Adding a bold statement necklace takes eyes away from the cleavage and ads another colour contrast, this one is from Rosantica. I chose a simple and classic black and white clutch from Lena Erziak which ties in with the shoes. As I am not really one for a facinator and up-do, I thought this unique ear cuff from Husamel Odeh would look amazing, shown off with hair tucked behind the ear. The jacket was an easy choice for me, I don’t think you can beat a biker for throwing on with absolutely anything, yes even evening dresses. This luxe Wunderkind snake print makes the perfect update. Very wearable red indeed!

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Should Engagement Rings be a Fashion Statement?


As we move into the Spring and Summer months the wedding invites start to appear, perhaps you are even planning your own big day? I usually write something about current trends for wedding guest outfits however this year it is the engagement rings which are in focus. I think we can all say it is thanks to the Royal Wedding which has sparked such media interest in the topic and the hundreds of ‘”Princess” Catherine style’ engagement rings cropping up. There was much speculation as to why Prince William choose to give Catherine Princess Diana’s ring some saying it would be bad luck, William just wanting a lasting symbol of his dear mother. Whatever the reason it has caused a shift in engagement ring trends. For the past couple of decades yellow gold and gemstone rings have taken a back seat whilst white gold and platinum diamond rings have taken center stage. Thanks to the crazy world of Hollywood and WAGs huge, gobstopper rings have been all the rage. Ever on the hunt to out do each other the celebs have also created a trend for colour diamonds, JLO and Mariah Carey opting for baby pink stones whilst Rebecca Romijin and Kelly Clarkson choose yellow diamonds, most famous of all Carrie Bradshaw’s black diamond. More recently there has been a shift back to subtler engagement rings, Scarlet Johansson and Claire Danes both choosing traditional smaller stones with yellow gold bands. Halle Berry broke all the rules and went for a very modern emerald design. The main thing to remember is that this ring will be worn for the rest of your life, so choose one which suits your own style and tastes.

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There are some key facts to help you choose the right┬á ring for you. Samara James, a diamond engagement rings specialist lists the four C’s rule – cut, clarity, colour and carat. The first part of the diamond grading process is carat – where the stone is cleaned then weighed to calculate the size. Next a gemologist will grade the diamond by colour, this is done by comparison to a master set of diamonds. The highest is grade D which is total clarity and colourless, and the lowest Z. Next is to assess clarity, this is a microscopic assessment of the inclusions within the diamond. The final stage is the cut, where the diamond is scanned by laser and each facet recorded, this gives the idea recommendation for the best way to cut each stone. The cut is very important as a diamond which has better angles and proportions will have noticeably superior amounts of brilliance – the proportion of light reflected, scintillation – how the light reflects to give sparkle, and fire – how the light refracts to create colours within the diamond. Each diamond could be cut to it’s perfect state of beauty however in some cases a large stone would have to be cut down very small which would effect the size of the diamond or yield. Therefore bear in mind the four C’s when choosing as you may find the more beautiful diamond is smaller or may choose to have a larger stone with less facets – it really is personal choice. When choosing your ring Samara James recommends:

“We would always recommend choosing the best proportioned diamond possible, even it means reducing the colour and the clarity of the diamond to keep within budget. This is because the perfectly cut diamond will have visibly more brilliance, fire and scintillation than a less well cut diamond.” If you haven’t seen Samara James, they have a wonderful range of diamond rings, with some very unusual and also classic designs.


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(Images credit: smh.com.uk, vh1.com, fancywedding.wordpress.com)

A Dream Wedding by Ashley Isham

I’ve never been the girl who has her dream wedding all plotted out in their head. Friends tell me they have done this since they were children, some even have scrap books ready and waiting. I have absolutely no idea what kind of wedding I would want, on a beach, in a castle, small or with a thousand guests? But there is something I can certainly tell you, something that would have to be guaranteed. It would involved Vivienne Westwood gold elevate platform court shoes and a knock out dress. The frothy chiffon number worn by Sarah in Labyrinth – preferably with David Bowie included, is what I imagine in my head when you say wedding dress. But in reality I know I wouldn’t got for anything that traditional. Also Gypsy Wedding has removed any remote thought of a Meringue dress well and truly from my sights – those girls get bruises and broken ribs from the weight of their frocks! Anyway having said all this it came as a bit of a shock to my system, seeing this lace dream come down the runway, I went all starry eyed and yes I admit it, I thought that is what I would want to wear to get married in. It has a hood and a cape!

Now we all know Ashley Isham can create a knock out dress, but this collection just kept on hitting me with things went along with creating a disco fabulous, Studio 54-esq wedding scenario in my head. Perhaps it was the crazy of fashion week, sheer exhaustion, delirium or the plain fact that this man can create magic (yes more magic than the Goblin King).

Matt gold leather trimmed with grey lace and iridescent sequins, what a piece, what an amazing Wedding party outfit, right! Slipping out of the ceremony gown and into this to let you hair down and celebrate.

Why anyone would make their mum wear one of those bog standard ‘Mother of the bride’ outfits is beyond me, but maybe most people’s mothers dont have a wardrobe to rival their own. My mum would love this studding liquid sating purple tunic with sheer silk trousers. Then perhaps the Oriental nod of the floral kimono dress for the evening.

Bridesmaids! Again, away with the tradition of giving your girls frumpy frocks, let them get their glam on. The molten, burnished gold drape dress and leopard, sequin mini dress would be wonderfully complementary to the antique lace of the ‘bridal gown’.

Ah well it is nice to dream. I am pretty sure Mr Isham didn’t intend his entire AW13 collection to be designed for my fantasy wedding, but then he will go and create such dreamy things. I know everyone in that room would have had a different vision going through their heads, balls, galas, garden parties… no matter the occasion there was the perfect dress here for everyone, of that I am sure.

The charming man himself, Ashley Isham

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