How to Wear Vintage and Look Current


Following way 2: Vintage 80s dress and belt, with vintage inspired Vivienne Westwood t-bar shoes, Chanel boucle jacket and brooch, Wendy Brandes Little Woolfe necklace and ONecklace name necklace.

Something I get asked quite a lot is how to wear vintage pieces and still look current and on trend. I had a think about how I wear my vintage and came up with three easy ways to wear vintage:

1. Just wear one vintage piece – the easiest way to work vintage into your wardrobe is to start small. Try adding a vintage necklace or blouse to one of your regular outfits.

2. Wear with modern pieces in vintage influenced styles – designer and the high street both are full of things inspired by past decades. You can use these as a guide to finding and wearing original vintage clothes. If you like the current 1920s influenced trends of drop waists, long necklaces and heavy beading; start looking at original 20s pieces and the styles should look familiar.

3. Look for vintage pieces which haven’t dated– there are some designs which can be decades old yet wouldn’t look out of place today. Think of classic trench coats, black pencil skirts and white button up shirts. These items may be tweaked with each seasons whims but the basic forms will stay the same.


Following way 3: Vintage Chanel jacket in a blazer style which isn’t recognisable to a specific date, with Topshop jeans, Stella McCartney blouse, Prada shoes


Following way 1: This Vintage Vivienne Westwood jacket is quite a 90’s statement so I wear it alone with modern pieces- Anglomania blouse and silk trousers, Gold Label shoes, Nichole Farhi sunglasses


Following way 3: Classic vintage Burberry trench coat’s never date, worn with Vivienne Westwood Red Label dress and Vivienne Westwood pink suede boots.

Going AWOL

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1. Tartan kilt, Vivienne Westwood Red Label; 2. Scarf sharing in the snow; 3. Vivienne Westwood party shoes; 4. Shoe Exhibition; 5. Red Label suit; 6. Salon print; 7. Alexander Wang boots; 8. Rianna Phillips clutch; 9. Wendy Brandes Little Wolf; 10. Worlds End Alien coat; 11. Window shopping diamonds at ; 12. Trying out new beauty products.

Don’t worry I haven’t dropped dead, but I have been really ill and just started a new job the two combined took all my energy! So here is a bit of a cop-out post to prove I am still live and kicking, well just about. With some of the things I have been up too lately.


Wearing: Wendy Brandes ‘Exclamation’ ring, Gembid topaz ring, Chanel ‘Holiday’ nail polish

When Topshop decided to rip-off Wendy B’s swear rings I was so mad. What I really wanted to do was stomp around Topshop wearing my Exclamation Mark ring on my extended middle finger, however Topshop caved in and removed the rings from sale, yay! So instead I will just sit here and show you my ring in a more elegant manner.

Since I have the annoying habit of adding a million exclamations after every sentence – I blame social media, it is the perfect ring for me. One other really cool aspect is the fact the ring size is adjustable, this means I can alter it depending on how bad the inflammatory arthritis is in my fingers. I can’t wear most of my rings now, even days when my hands seem ok in the morning sometimes they swell in the afternoon so I can’t get the damn things off again. Wendy does quite a few adjustable rings in her ‘Wendy B’ range, which is more affordable than her main line.

There are so many gorgeous pieces Wendy has created, I’m currently lusting after the Emoticon Heart ring set and the Clemence ring. Best get saving!