Trends: Cap it Off!

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Look 1:┬á all Vivienne Westwood – Worlds End cap, Gold Label ‘Gaia’ dress, I heart crap beaded clutch, Accessories Cossack boots; All Saints sunglasses from TK Maxx.

Look 2: Leather cap from ebay, Alexander Wang t-shirt and waistcoat, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania skirt, Vivienne Westwood bag, Y3 shoes from TK Maxx, Matalan clutch, vintage jewellery.

One of the most unexpected trends this season has been the baseball cap. Anything from vintage trucker caps to lux leather and embellished styles go. Leaders in the perfect way to wear caps are Rhianna and Rita Or. Riri goes for urban clothing with a grungy style, whilst Rita plays up the hippy girl with floral embellishments and peace emblems. I am a real fan of caps myself, the perfect disguise for messy hair and keeping the sun off your face in a nonchalant way.

PicMonkey Collage

Rhianna images Just Jared, Rita images Telegraph online, all hats 10 Deep at

Style Inspiration – Chuck it on the Chair

I am always being asked what my style inspirations are, with the expected answer to be a list of Hollywood stars, celebrities, films and designers. In truth the most common thing is my bedroom chair. When I’ve chucked things on it haphazardly in a rush, clothes strewn around the room and all over the floor, it’s then by chance I will notice two things which really work together, things I wouldn’t have thought to try. Colours, patterns, shapes like a still-life mood board. Here tartan with sports-luxe or gold for a not to the opulent trend, it is nice to just have a play around. Flicking through the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar in bed, I noticed the purple trench with this bright orange clutch amongst other things piled on top of it, they could have jumper right out of the colour blocking editorial on the pages. Next time you are stuck for inspiration try delving into the back of your wardrobe and throwing it around a bit, you never know what you might find!

Where do you look for inspiration?

Spur of the Moment Shoes Purchase!

Y3 shoes from TK Maxx

You know when you are just out browsing, just having a look, killing some time and all of a sudden you decide to buy something totally not your usual style just for the hell of it? Well that! I saw these super cool Y3 shoes, that’s the label by Adidas and Yoji Yamamoto and I had visions of myself all spots-luxe a bit Alexander Wang street sports cool! Obviously I get them home and realise I have absolutely nothing to go with these shoes – or are they trainers? But hey I do like a challenge, I’m thinking maybe the Wang blazer, slouchy t-shirt, tailored trouser possibly even a baseball cap…? I also have to mention how comfy they are, seriously the are actually like trainers, so soft and padded, why more heel’s don’t come with that I’ve no idea. They are almost bouncy!

What do you think, are they keepers?